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DART Cayman Islands’ Head of Security Runs for HospiceCare

»Posted on Sep 12, 2014 in Dart Cayman

Derek Haines, 65, is running over 156 miles of marathons in 8 months in order to raise money for Cayman HospiceCare. As of now, Haines has raised $655,000, well on his way to reach the $1 million target for a new hospice building.

Haines is the head of security and community liaison department at DART Cayman Islands, owned by Ken Dart. Outside of work, Haines enjoys playing bridge and long distance running. He has participated in 36 marathons in his lifetime and the number is growing.

As of now, Cayman HospiceCare operates in rented locations and in the homes of their patients. Haines plans to construct a purpose-built inpatient and operations facility for Cayman HospiceCare to call their own.

The latest company to get involved with Haines’s project is Androgroup. The local company has offered to provide the planning for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements.

“Androgroup is pleased to support Derek’s Hospice challenge,” says Androgroup Director David Woodcock.  “Cayman HospiceCare is a great organization, and the much-needed facility will serve the whole community.”

Other local companies have gotten involved in Haines’s project as well, such as DART Cayman Islands donating land for the new facility.

Donations can be made through the website at or through the Digicel and LIME text initiative.

School Receives Two Grants from Dart Foundation

»Posted on Sep 3, 2014 in Dart Foundation

The Dart Foundation presented Life School Oak Cliff, a charter school in Dallas, with two grants devoted toward STEM classes in kindergarten and high school. William and Claire Dart founded the Dart Foundation in 1984 to promote education, largely in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Life School Oak Cliff Elementary will use the $4,700 grant to purchase science kits for students and the high school plans to use their $4,655 grant towards renewable energy kits for its Engineering Design and Problem Solving Class. These kits will allow students to design and construct machines using renewable energy sources.

The Dart Foundation, named the socially responsible organization of the year, is headquartered in Mason, Michigan. Each year grants are awarded across the United States, as well as a select number of international grants.

Dart Expansion Projected to Create 400 New Jobs

»Posted on Aug 29, 2014 in Dart Container

The construction of two new buildings by Dart Container is expected to bring 400 job openings to Mason, Michigan. The recent expansion, as well as renovations on existing office space, is the company’s largest expansion in a half a century.

The new office building and warehouse will allow Dart Container to better accommodate Solo Cup, a company they purchased in 2012. This 50 million dollar project consists of high-tech improvements, such as a self-driving loading cart and motion-sensor LED lights, making business more efficient for the growing company.

“When Dart purchased Solo we did not purchase it to be that size of a company we purchased it so that it would be a platform for continued growth,” said Executive Vice President of Manufacturing at Dart, Dan Calkins.

Once the new development is completed Dart will be able to expand its local distribution services creating more job opportunities in Mason and helping the local economy flourish.

Doug Klein, Executive Director of the Mason Area Chamber of Commerce is enthusiastic about Dart’s expansion and the thriving business market in Mason.

“Definitely have a booming business market in Mason, we’ve got a lot of business now for our restaurants and our retail businesses as well,” said Klein.

Dart Container has continued to expand over the past 50 years and the company expects to uphold this trend of growth.

Dart Container’s Expansion Helps Local Economy

»Posted on Aug 18, 2014 in Dart Container

Dart Container is constructing two new buildings in Mason, Michigan. This expansion will allow for the addition of more than 400 new positions at the company.

The upgrade is exactly the change Dart Container needs. The new buildings are full of positive alterations. The warehouse has a self-driving loading cart and motion-sensor LED lights, making the business more efficient. The bottom floor of the office building has a training space for up to 150 employees.

Executive Vice President of Manufacturing at Dart, Dan Calkins, is ready for the new buildings to be completed. “It obviously helps to have the space you need for the employees that are required for this operation,” said Calkins.

The construction is a $50 million investment by Dart Container and designed to be enough space to accommodate Solo Cup Company that Dart acquired in 2012.

“When Dart purchased Solo we did not purchase it to be that size of a company,” said Calkins. “We purchased it so that it would be a platform for continued growth.”

Dart is not only constructing two new buildings, but the company is renovating existing buildings as well. An additional $10 million is going towards renovations, such as a 10,000 square foot fitness center and more office space.

Doug Klein, Executive Director of the Mason Area Chamber of Commerce, is excited about Dart Container’s growth because of the positive effects it has on the local economy. “Definitely have a booming business market in Mason. We’ve got a lot of business now for our restaurants and our retail businesses as well,” said Klein.

As of now, Dart Container has 150 job openings, mostly in engineering and IT fields. The company is eager for the new buildings and renovations to be complete, as well as the continued growth of Dart Container.

Job Expansion in South-Central Kentucky

»Posted on Jul 30, 2014 in Dart Container

Dart Container Corporation is expanding the job market in Horse Cave, Kentucky, by building a new warehouse off of South Dixie Street.

The Horse Cave facility, which opened in 1980, has 1,400 employees today.

With a recent $23 million investment, the facility will undergo its 11th expansion. The expansion will consist of a new warehouse in Horse Cave, which will be around 650,000-square-feet. Gov. Steve Beshear’s office anticipates around 30 jobs being created as a result of the expansion.

Jim Lammers, Dart’s Executive Vice President of Administration and General Counsel, remarks, “Kentucky has been a great location for Dart because we can attract and retain excellent employees with diverse skills and a strong work ethic. We are thrilled that our growth will create new jobs in the state.”

The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) has given initial approval for tax incentives of upwards of $900,000 for the expansion of the facility.

Since 1960, Mason, Michigan, has been home to Dart Container Corporation’s headquarters. Dart has been the leading producer of single-use foodservice products such as; plates, bowls, cups and lids. In 2012, Dart Container Corporation acquired Solo Cup Company, which is the manufacturer of the popular red “solo cup.” Solo Cup Company now has around 15,000 employees and over 45 distribution centers, production centers and offices in eight different countries.